Das große Ernährungsmodell (kollaborativ)

Ein Modell, über das wir alle zusammen die Zusammenhänge rund um unsere Ernährung sammeln können.  Beim Arzt lesen wir, was gut gegen unsere Zipperlein ist, anderswo, wie wir welche Nährstoffe woher bekommen, und wiederum anderswo, was alles in bestimmten Speisen an Nährstoffen steckt. Und dann gibt es noch die Experten, die uns schildern, welche Nährstoffe nicht kombiniert werden sollten und welche Genussstoffe die Nährstoffe auch wieder zunichte machen. Dieses Modell soll diese Informationen in den Zusammenhang stellen.  Später kann die Gewichtung der Nahrungsmittel deren Anteil an der täglich empfohlenen Gesamtmenge repräsentieren. Im Grunde könnte auch ein Menü dann über die Analyse des Modells hinsichtli ...»

Why being conservative is dull

Having read Kai Neumann’s tweet that conservative behavior shows a lack of either knowledge or intelligence or character, as well as reading a draft of one of Kai’s project reports that describes the importance of emotional effectiveness for sustainable behavior I wondered whether they were not connected. I expected to discover more interrelations, yet I like the little model I came up with, so here it is. Feel free to comment :-)

Diesel Gate and Psychology

just the start of a collection of arguments from a psychologist who drives an electric vehicle Let us start a discussion and add to the model ....

living vegan saving more than just the climate

a small qualitative model on the arguments from the famous PETA video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLWiTGR1Miz4S2rPfcy2TEFPwp4QTeWBdO¶ms=OAFIAVgB&v=qxrmosy1jCY&mode=NORMAL ... and some more arguments please add your comments

I am right - you are wrong, and I am not emotional

This model is a reaction on one of the many fruitless discussions on social media where people resist the most rational and logical arguments in order to keep their mental model and also to feel good by thinking they are better than others. Psychology knows (at least) three mechanisms to protect one's feeling of integration (see Kai Neumann's model on this: https://www.know-why.net/model/Atxrf7zQLpoe5JP2Uvumyjw): cognitive dissonance (my final choice is good, everything else was bad) psychological reactance (what others say is stupid, no one needs this) learned helplessness (I can't do this anyway, so I don't have to try it and can remain where I am)This model tries to explore a kind of psychological reactanc ...»

The case of Mr. E (case management example)

This is an anonymous case management example from my work with a client using the iMODELER 

Bedeutung von Macht

Das kleine Modell fragt, ob Macht ein nötiges Bedürfnis von Menschen ist.